Local 525 Moving World Trade Center Beam From KSC to Viera, Fl

In June of this year, TWU Local 525 and the Management Company of “The Avenues” of Viera will move the Locals 2-ton World Trade Center I-Beam from Kennedy Space Center to the Viera Mall. The decision to move this historic artifact came after realizing the I-Beam was not being properly available to the public and only badged KSC employees had access to visiting the memorial.

The beam will be moved in June and will be honored with a ceremony as it’s unveiled to the public. The Avenue and TWU Local 525 are in the middle of creating a beautiful and more accessible place for this artifact to been viewed and honored by the public. Local Avenue’s Manager Scott McCarthy and Marketing Coordinator Michelle Mason are going above and beyond to design and promote this  wonderful event.

On September 11th, 2017 the Annual 9/11 ceremony will take place at The Avenue’s. More information will soon be provided.