Executive Officers

  • Kevin Smith

    International Executive Counsel

    Kevin first became President of the Local back in 2007. Since then he has been elected into office for two more consecutive terms. Prior to that he held the position of Vice President from 2001 to 2007. Kevin began his career on the Space Coast back in August of 1987 when he was hired by Pan Am World Services to provide Railroad support at Cape Canaveral Air Station and the Titan Launch program. Kevin spent the better part of the next 20 years working in multiple crafts on Cape Canaveral Air Station Launch Facilities with contractors such as Johnson … [Read more]

  • Dennis J. McDonough

    Vice President

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  • Larry Gold

    Secretary / Treasurer

    My first experience with organized labor took place in Miami,  Florida in 1968. I joined and learned about the labor movement with the Operating Engineers, Local 487. In August of 1985 I applied for a job at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station with Pan American World Service. I started my trade in Miami and used what I learned to become a member of TWU Local 525 . I still learn every day the importance of organized labor and the benefits for working brothers and sisters. Now it is my turn to give back to the movement that started back so many years ago … [Read more]

  • Robert (Bob) M. LaStella

    Executive Board Member

    Bob is a Master Licensed Electrician, born and raised in central Massachusetts, where he worked as a self-employed electrical contractor. In 1992, with his wife and two children, he relocated to east coast of Florida, and he became a member of Local 525. Bob has spent twenty plus years as Launch Pad electrician at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and believes that he and his family are very fortunate to have had the TWU behind him through the years. During his tenure at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station he has been an active member of the TWU … [Read more]

  • Roger Vernotzy

    Executive Board Member

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  • Robert “Wade” Taylor

    Executive Board member

    Robert “Wade” Taylor was elected as an Executive Board member in 2012 with TWU Local 525 after serving as a Union Shop Steward for both the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and NASA Fire Department. In addition, Wade has served as part of the Negotiation Team. At only 20 years old, Wade was hired on as a Firefighter with Cape Canaveral Air Force Station whom supported Delta, Titan and Atlas rocket launches on Florida’s Space Coast. By the end of 1998, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Fire Department merged with NASA Fire Department allowing … [Read more]

  • Michelle McAra

    Administrative Assistant to the President

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